Bonuses and high first year FO pay!

How does this referral work?

It’s pretty simple. You send me your name, email and phone number before applying with PSA Airlines. Employee Referral Forms must be submitted before you apply and when asked about who referred you, you must include my name. PSA has a flow agreement with American Airlines, so it might very well be the last interview of your career if you get hired. Once your number is up, you get a training date and go straight to American Airlines. Not a bad backup plan if you ask me...

And why am I trying to get you in the door?

Well, I get a referral bonus for everyone who enters my name as a referrer. You also get a huge bonus to start, plus you will also start out at year four First Officer pay rates. Yes. Year 4. That’s more than $40 an hour. If you flew 1000 flights a year, that’s $40,000 for your first year before your bonuses. As the pilot base grows, PSA will continue to get more planes. Currently 2 per month.

I saw the Airbus on the flyer!

The truth is the person that made the flyer doesn't have a clue what the difference is between an Airbus or a CRJ. We fly CRJs at PSA and a majority of them are brand new CRJ900 aircraft.  Clean, Fun, Technically advanced airplanes. Don't chase a plane though. Take my word for it. Do not make your decision on working for a regional simply on the type of plane you fly. Your goal is to fly that Airbus. Doesn't matter which type of plane you fly to get to that goal. You need to make sure your QOL (Quality of life) is first and foremost your main decision factor. Sure you could suck it up for a few years. We all have done that. But your main goal should be QOL.

How do flights benefits work?

Here is the priority order of non-revenue passengers:

  • American Airlines employees (including PSA, Piedmont, Envoy), their spouses and registered guests (this category covers anyone you choose; boyfriend, girlfriend, sibling or a friend). You will also get 6 travel passes a year that will move you to the top of the list. We are FIRST!!! Then...
  • Retired employees
  • Employee parents
  • Passes for friends and acquaintances "Buddy Passes"
  • ALL OTHER AIRLINES (Including other regionals even if they fly the AA colors. Unless that regional is flying the flight then they are first. Make sense?) 
These flight benefits are amazing! I have not had many issues getting around the world, commuting to/from work. I know some regionals fly multiple brands but remember unless your airline is flying the flight you are AT THE BOTTOM...

What are the minimum requirements?

As an ATP with restricted benefits, you should:

  • Be 21 years old
  • Hold a Commercial Pilot Certificate with an Instrument Rating
  • Complete an Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program (ATP CTP) with PSA Airlines
  • Pass the ATP knowledge and practical test
  • And meet the flight time requirements of FAR 61.160 - roughly 1,500 hours

Why should I give you the referral?

  • I can act as your mentor throughout your time at PSA
  • I have experience and can use that to benefit you
  • I’ll assist you with whatever issues you might run into
  • I’ll guide you with whatever you're having trouble with
  • I can also offer help with tests and simulation events
  • You’ll have my direct contact information
  • You’ll also get a very nice discount on pilot supplies "Stuff" from this website

You can learn all this and more directly from the PSA Airlines website here. They have videos and other recruiting tools that can be highly helpful to you. 

Here are some of the important points....

Pilot new hires can expect:

  • First-year pay in the range of $60,000 for qualified pilots...
  • $20,000 First Officer retention bonus after their first year
  • Over $21,000 in sign-on bonuses for qualified pilots
  • $5,000 referral bonus (unlimited)
  • $3,000 commuter allowance
  • Reduced reserve time (I spent 3 months on reserve in CLT and 3 months in DCA when I upgraded to the rank of Captain)
  • Domicile assignments awarded during training or shortly after (Dayton, Cincinnati, Charlotte, Knoxville, and Washington D.C.)
  • Flow through to American Airlines (currently approx 6-7 years)
  • Historically low time to upgrade to Captain (currently 2.2 years)
  • Most flexible scheduling options in the regional business (We have what's called SAP. I can explain it to you over the phone. Probably easier that way.)
  • Paid ATP-CTP course. PSA will pay for the ATP-CTP course for qualified candidates needing to complete the ATP written exam prior to new hire training. Flight and Single occupancy hotel accommodations will be provided! Not all regional carriers have single occupancy hotel accommodations. I personally think this should be mandatory!
  • Comprehensive benefits including medical, dental, vision and 401(k)
  • All Pilots are eligible for travel privileges on American Airlines. TOP OF THE LIST HERE!
  • American Airlines Group (AAG) profit sharing




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